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Client wanted rectangle base with legs set on the ends.
Space station wanted natural finish with legs on the ends
SF clients
Custom grey
Ebony stain with low h
Golden Oak with a bit of Summer
Dark walnut
Triangle base with Golden Oak
Preparing to ship
Golden shade with one contrasting plank.
Silky top with data holes. Table will be installed on site.
Dark walnut.
Low H base with golden top.
Post legs
Production studio wanted 3" holes for editing equipment.
Trestle base with custom shade.
13' with low h base to be installed on site.
data holes
Ebony top with 12' x 48" rectangle base. Shipping in two pieces
Base will be installed on site.
Steinbeck in darkest grey
Steinbeck in custom color.
Dark walnut
Steinbeck in Traditional Cherry.
Dark and light.
Golden top with contast.
Dark walnut.
Golden shade.
Light and dark walnut mix.
Light walnut.
Summer oak.
Dark walnut with grey plank
Lighter shades with x-trestle base.
Steinbeck in light walnut.
Dark walnut
Golden shade
Dark walnut
Dark Walnut
color chart