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C l o u d   N o i r


72" x 38" x 30"   $2,100.00

84" x 38" x 30"   $2,300.00

96" x 38" x 30"   $2,500.00

108" x 38" x 30"  $2,800.00

120" x 38" x 30"  $3,200.00

132" x 38" x 30"  $3,800.00

144" x 38" x 30"  $4,500.00

156" x 38" x 30" $5,800.00

168" x 38" x 30" $7,000.00

48" is our standard, extra wide table.  50" is our maximum width.

 $400-$1200 for additional width.

Please email for a price on another size.  

Designer | Danté McCarthy

We specialize in conference tables. Circular or rectangular cutouts are available for cords and power boxes. 

$100/circular cutout.  $250/rectangular cutout.  $300/installed data box.

Cloud Noir has been open since 2010.


Please read below on how our tables are made.


w o o d

CN tables are made with solid, kiln-dried wood.

1.5"-2" European Beech and White Pine.  

Ash (FAS), White Oak (FAS), Iroko (FAS) are now available, as well. 

The wood on our tables is silky smooth and seamless. No gaps, bumps or holes.  

Tables are made entirely in Los Angeles. We are a team of just over ten highly experienced woodworkers, welders and colorists.

  Our 6000 sq ft studio is in Boyle Heights, just east of downtown.


s h a p e

Classic, arc welded, steel bases are available in different styles. Our welding is flawless. Bases are made with a 2" steel apron.  Aprons are set just below the wood top and welded to the legs. This is for increased structural support.  Iron beams also run underneath. The beams and apron completely support the wood at all angles.

Classic, wood dining tables are available, as well.  


c o l o r

Wood is handrubbed with meticulous detail to accentuating the grain. We study each table and decide which areas will be highlighed and deepened. This is a finishing technique we have developed and mastered over the years.  

Stains are blended to create unique shades.  A color chart can also be sent to you. This makes it very easy if you have an exact color in mind.

Colors and wood will vary slightly from table to table. 

Clients like our style and trust us to make them a beautiful and original looking table.  Each designer table is signed underneath.

Our golden shade looks great with the dark bases.  This is the color we will use unless another shade is specified. It is our signature look.  

Our tables are heavy and durable. All are finished with three coats of a strong and protective sealer. 

Matte and semi-gloss finishes are available.


m a d e

Ordering is simple.  

Decide on the size, style and color.  We will then go over all of the details with you about your desired look. This can be done through email, a phone call, or at our studio.  A proposal can be sent.

Once you are ready to place your order, an invoice will be emailed with a secured payment option.  We accept all major credit cards, Apple Pay and PayPal. 

You are also welcome to call us to process your payment information.    call/text 917.574.3762

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Our standard finish time is three weeks.  

Please let us know if you are in desperate need of a table and we will do our best to accomodate you.  Rush orders are available.

We have worked with numerous office buildings, production studios, retail stores and restaurants. Because we are a large team, high volume orders can still be finished in four weeks.

Please keep in mind that wood expands and contracts due to temperature changes and humidity. Although very rare, a small crack may appear in wood. This is normal and does not affect structural integrity or appeal. Solid wood (not vaneers) is natural with smooth knot holes, variations and character. We love a wabi-sabi and shibui aesthetic. 

Maintenance is easy. You will not have to use drink coasters for dining tables. A mild soap is good for cleaning. Lemon, orange and Murphy oil work well for added shine. 

Delivery is available in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. $200+ delivery and on site installation.

You are also welcome to pick up at our studio.  We have a large commercial loading dock. 

Please take correct measurements for your table delivery.  This includes all doorways, hallways, stairs and room dimensions.  This is very important for business deliveries above the first floor.  Make sure the top and base can fit in a freight elevator or up the stairs.  

National business/dock to dock and home deliveries are available. Tables are blanket wrapped and delivered fully assembled (or unassembled if requested) to your home or business. This is through American West. We have shipped art and tables with this company for over thirty years. 

For tables 96" and above, it is best to ship unassembled, due to their weight.  There are two pieces. It is not like putting an Ikea table together.  You will just need to attach the wood top to the steel base.  The bases have pre-drilled holes.  We will send you the hardware.  Screws and washers.  A power drill is recommended.

Clients are also welcome to use their own preferred shipping company.