Cloud Noir

t  a  b  l  e  s



60" long x 38" wide x 30" tall  $900.00

72" x 38" x 30"   $1,200.00

84" x 38" x 30"   $1,400.00

96" x 38" x 30"   $1,600.00

108" x 38" x 30"  $2,000.00

120" x 38" x 30"  $2,400.00

132" x 38" x 30"  $2,700.00

144" x 38" x 30"  $3,000.00

156" x 38" x 30" $4,000.00

168" x 38" x 30" $5,000.00

Please email about a price quote for a custom size.

Steel Base Additional $300- and up 

Conference tables-circular or rectangular data holes are available for cords and power boxes.

Bench $400.00-$800.00

   Our Whittier Blvd studio and showroom is open by appointment. Please contact Danté if you'd like to stop by to discuss tables or view the art.

Our new DTLA Location will be opening December 1, 2018.  Gallery hours will be posted.



Please read below on how tables are made to order.

w o o d

Cloud Noir tables are all made with solid, kiln-dried wood.

1.5" kiln-dried, Douglas fir.  

The wood on our tables is silky smooth but does not look or feel fabricated. 

Our tables are handmade by a team of over ten highly experienced woodworkers, welders and professional artists.  

s h a p e

Industrial strength, arc welded steel bases are available in many styles.

Wood legs.

c o l o r

We mix all of our stain colors and varnishes.

If you prefer to select the color, we can send you a color chart to pick from.

Colors and wood will vary slightly from table to table. 

Clients like our style and trust us to make them a beautiful, original and entirely hand-crafted table.

A warm, golden shade looks best with the steel bases.  This is the color we will use unless another shade is specified. 

Our tables are heavy and durable. All tables are finished with a strong, protective sealer. 

m a d e.

Ordering is simple.  

Decide on the style and size.

Danté will then go over all of the details with you about your desired table. This can be done at the store, through email or over the phone.  917.574.3762

The finish time is three weeks. Please let Danté know if you are in desperate need of a table and we will do our best to accomodate you. Rush orders are available. 

Please keep in mind that wood expands and contracts due to temperature changes and humidity. A small, natural crack may appear in the wood. This is normal and does not affect structural integrity or appeal. Wood is not plastic. As builders, we love and embrace the "wabi-sabi" aesthetic. 

Maintenance is very easy. A mild, natural soap is perfect for cleaning. Lemon, orange and Murphy with orange oil work well for added shine. 

We accept all major credit cards & PayPal. If you are buying through Etsy, a custom listing can be posted for you.

Delivery is available through a local delivery service. $125-$225, two men. 

***National delivery is available. Tables are blanket wrapped and delivered fully assembled to your home or business. 

Rates are from $200-$400 and take approximately fifteen working days.