feedback from clients. 


  We ordered the Thundercloud table and received it in May. I can't believe I didn't write to tell you how much we adore our table. It's absolutely beautiful and has really made our house a home. Gathering to eat together is such a beautiful experience, and the table really brings in a sense of family and community to our home. In fact, we will be hosting our first Thanksgiving at our place in November. Thank you.

  Monica, Seattle


  I sold the house we last had and a big selling point was your table.  They literally wouldn't buy the house without it.

  Laurie, Los Angeles


  The table is BEAUTIFUL. We are absolutely loving it. Thank you so much for all of your help and the gorgeous design.

  Andrea, Los Angeles


  Love, love, love it! It is perfection.

  Carmen, Los Angeles

 The table is absolutely beautiful!!!  Even the Task Rabbit guy said, "I'm not sure how you found this place but their work is amazing!!!"  Thank you so very much!!

 Michelle, Los Angeles

  We are loving the table and bench-We've had many guests/gatherings since we received it and everyone loves it.  It's a fantastic addition to our home.

  Tim, Los Angeles


 Table and bench are AMAZING! Thank you so much! 
 And the delivery guys were fab too!
 Jen, Los Angeles


  Got the table. We LOVE it! Thank you so much, it's beautiful. We are so thrilled with your stunning table.

  Laurel, MA


  It looks amazing. Thanks so much!

  Matt, Los Angeles


  Just got the first look at the tables in person and they are stunning! We are beyond pleased! Can't wait to send you pictures of our booth complete!

  5 tables for jean company, John, Los Angeles


  Just wanted to thank you for the table & bench- they are amazing! Love them.

  Krystal, Los Angeles


  Got our table yesterday and we love it. Thanks again.

  Emerson, Los Angeles


  Got the table.  We LOVE it!  Thank you so much, it's beautiful!

  Laurel, MA


  We love the table, Danté!!

  Thanks so much for your help. It turned out beautifully.  We're thrilled with it.

  Jennifer, Los Angeles


  It looks great!  We love it.

  Joan, Montana


  Table arrived and looks amazing! 

  Melissa, 12' table to Seattle