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Portrait of a hippie girl 24" x 27" paper, window frame, plaster
Untitled 24" x 31" paper, plaster, wood
Tout est possible 24" x 31" paper, wood, plaster
We'll make brownies and read Bukowski 24" x 31" paper, plaster, wood
When the bad begins to appear good 30" x 25" wood, pigment
When the hook is in 24" x 25" paper, plaster, wood, pigment
Nothing to really worry about...I mean, after all... 24" x 33" plaster, ink, wood, pigment
He should have faded into oblivion by now 24" x 29" paper, water color, wood, plaster
They're just not weird enough 24" x 24" neon, wood, pigment
Rilke's unshared dream 24" x 24" plaster, ink, wood, pigment, led light, paint, dirt
Afterglow 24" x 24" wood, paint, led light
The eternal fire of hope 25" x 24" neon, pigment, wood, plaster
Because I'm an outsider, sweetheart 24" x 24" paper, plaster, wood
Doll face buys a bra for the Turk 24" x 48" burlap, ink, glue, pigment
Would you remember it, my love? 27" x 24" wood, pigment, spray paint
Freud and the sky hook
Keep me in cashmere, honey 24" x 24" led light, plaster, wood
Judith 26" x 50" pigment, plaster
The bright darkness of Madame Bovary 25" x 24" led light, plaster, wood
She imagined him having sex with the waitress 24" x 27" plaster, wood
Portrait of a non-starlet 24" x 24" steel, plaster, wood
Fuzzy white sweaters 25" x 25" ink, plaster, wood
Dancing at The Wild Goose 50" x 50" plaster, wood, paper
Make art, make money, make love 24" x 48" burlap, plaster 24" x 48" burlap, wood
How can I love him? He believes in astrology 24" x27" plaster, wood
Pretty women on the verge of a collapse 24" x 24" paper, plaster, wood
It's prophetic, baby 24" x 27" plaster, paper, ink
A veritable obsession 25" x 49" wood, pigment
She won't go any further unless the kiss is good 26" x 26" burlap, wood, paper, plaster
Are you ready for it? 27" x 32" glass, steel, asphalt, pigment
It won't be as you imagined 24" x 48" plaster, paper, wood
Into love's vestibule 25" x 24" burlap, wood, house paint, plaster
She was over it from the beginning 24" x 24" paper, paint 24" x 24" wood, paper, plaster, house paint
The eternal now 32" x 40" burlap, plaster
That time you picked willdflowers for me on the side of the road 24" x 48" plaster, wood
It's beyond numbers, darling 24" x 24" plaser, wood
A room for two, for tonight, please 20" x 24" old photos, plaster
It just wasn't my destiny 24" x 24" paper, plaster, wood
Love with Sophie in Echo Park 34" x 24" steel, burlap, plaster, wood
It was the winter of their love 24" x 24" pigment, plaster
Smooth old pink motels 25" x 25" plaster, pigment
Claudie's grand passion 24" x 24" paper, burlap, wood, plaster
So many things I don't want to do 24" x 27" coffee sack, burlap, paper, plaster, wood
What's worse? Robbing a bank or owning one 50" x 50" metal, plaster, asphalt
The poet's way 24" x 24" paper, plaster, pigment
The thread of destiny 25" x 25" led light, plaster, pigment
Garbo & burlap 48" x 24" burlap, plaster
Let's talk about Picasso and maybe kiss 24" x 24" burlap, plaster, pigment, wood
A woman's brown study 8" x 15" paper
Deeply indifferent 24" x 48" plaster, paper, wood
Angels down the drain 24" x 24" burlap, paper, pigment, wood, paint, glue
Cousin Larry moves to Tijuana
Sisters of Playboy 24" x 24" wood, paper, plaster
It was no Hollywood ending
Life is no love story 27" x 24" coffee sack, wood, plaster
Lady Philosophy
It wasn't beginning or ending
I like it kinda funky
Clouds and Solitude
The dawn of unknowing
How it begins, is the way it goes
The doorway to tenderness
My flesh is yours
Hanging with Proust
Claudie liked dancing for the Asian tour buses. Rilke did well with the construction workers and younger guys.
Nights with Boethius
Oh hell, she'd be the adorer this time
La mer
Sometimes Rilke pretended to be Russian so she didn't have to talk with the customers. Talking was worse than dancing.
Portrait of my mother
Whether they laughed or cried that day, it made no difference
The golden mean
Not everything fades
I called her Summer Jar
We only have a finite amount of time 24" x 24" plaster, burlap, pigment
Quiet skin
Memoirs of a showgirl
The sunrise of truth
She always got what she wanted
Old books, old cars and old men
Love, Russian style
Cheap rooms in Texas
burlap, house paint, wood